Supporting Organizations


The trust accomplishes several social activities which are beneficial for the people. From past several years the trust helps several socially and economically backward tribals as well as poor and needy in Valsad district. We provide relief materials to the affected victims even in natural calamities in the state and across the country. An uninterrupted service is being provided in the hinterlands of Kapradataluka. Additionally providing education, health and economic income, efforts are being made to improve the living standards of the poor tribals. Shri Swaminarayan Gyanpeeth, Salvav also provides free education to poor tribal students, training in agriculture and animal husbandry, distribution of foodgrains, clothing and mass marriages.

“The whole world” is one family
One cannot help the poor and misfortunate and think that it takes away their pain and suffering. It merely takes it away for a while. But even in that while; they feel loved and cared for. We in return get the unequaled feeling of satisfaction of helping a fellow human. We feel superior,not superior to the person we are helping but superior to our former self.

Help of any kind to anybody with us or anywhere else starts a chain that will see the benefactors or your close ones repeat it in near future. It might just be a major catalyst in changing the society. Your help even for one time may change the life of a person for the better, forever.

We care the most for our family. For the generous, the whole world is their family.

– Shashtri Kapiljivandasji