Welcome to Shree Swaminarayan English Medium School

Established in the year 2000, Shree Swaminarayan English Medium School, CBSE affiliated Secondary School w.e.f: March 2009 functioning under the patronage and guidance of Poojya Swami Keshav Chandra Dasji, founder of the school and the managing trustee Poojya Swami Kapil Jivan Dasji.

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From Founder's Desk

Pujya Purani Swami Keshavcharandasji

िवा ददाित िवनयं िवनयात् याित पाताम् | पााद् धन माोित धनात् धम तत: सुखम् ||

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From Managing Trustee's Desk

Shastri Kapiljivandasji

After gaining “Vidhya” one attains spirituality, hard work, patience, peace, empathy etc. Whereas when a person gains knowledge he/she only attains ego and overcondence. Hence, when we think of seeking admission of children, it should be our effort to obtain “Sadvidhya” through an amalgamation of efforts in the right direction by saints and dedicated teachers, a pure environment and holistic methods for development of the child

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From Principal's Desk

Mrs. Minal A. Desai

I believe in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to strive to understand and improve the educational process using team strategies, while wholly centering on students achievement.

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